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You-Cheng Fan








2016 Young Art Taipei臺北國際當代藝術博覽會/臺北喜來登大飯店

Associate member to the Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association

Member to the Taiwan International Watercolor Society

M.A. of the Institute of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University

2015The 1st Place &the winner of Da Dun Award in the Watercolor Group of the 20th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition

2016 Golden Medal of Watercolor Group in the 5th National Art Exhibition

2016 Young Art Taipei atSheraton Grand Taipei Hotel

昇華 (Ascension)

The vessel for memory seems to have limit. The old memories fade away from the mind as time goes by. One after another, they fall behind the curtain, dimming out as life marches on. Although what has passed stays in the past, it is transformed and transcended into an essential part of life behind the curtain.

雨霽 (Shine after Rain)

The light cast through the window in the dark rides on the surreal white and occupies the past accumulated by the rain, as if it breaks the haze and clears the sky. Our memory may be tinted with a little bit of blue. We still have to bring in the light for ourselves even if we are deep in the dark, nevertheless. Let the memories through the years transform us into a better version of ourselves.

薄瑩 (Snow White)

The steps of time is such irregular and ever-changing. I roam following the pull of time, and open my heart with full acceptance without any demand. Such bliss is like flakes of snow descend into the bottom of my heart and fill every corner of serenity.

薄憶 (Reminiscence)

The past and the wanting meet here and now. Every passing moment in the memory fills the air, invading like black ink poured into clear water. The future is like the sunshine shed on my windowsill, casting the whole scenery right before my eyes. I, hidden in the present between black and white, indulging myself in the moment and every second.