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David Paskett


David Paskett, Past President of The Royal Watercolour Society, is recognised as one of Britain’s leading watercolour painters. His work is in many international private and public collections including the Royal Collection of HM The Queen. He is a frequent exhibitor at London’s Bankside Gallery, home of The Royal Watercolour Society.   In 2015 a retrospective show of his work was held in The Hong Kong Club.


David lived and painted in Hong Kong  1986-1990 .   Since his first trip to China in 1986 David has returned regularly sourcing new material for his watercolours and oils. His personal and detailed observations portray the rich contrasts of everyday life on the streets, in markets and on waterways in town and country. They  present  a powerful collection of images of China whilst also standing as an archive documenting thirty years of change.


David has gained  respect amongst Chinese painters for his original and sympathetic images of their country. In recent years he has participated as guest exhibitor, lecturer and judge at major Chinese international watercolour festivals and competitions at art academies and museums in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Naning, Zhujiajiao, Qingdao, Shenyang,Shandong and Lushan.


At times his work borders on abstraction, as can be seen in current ceramic paintings David is making in Jingdezhen, exhibited this year at the Xu Zhimo Festival at  Kings College, Cambridge.


Inspirations for his two and three dimensional work also come from frequent travels through Europe plus a life long engagement with museums. He is  passionate about drawing.


A Vision of China: The paintings of David Paskett was published in 2004.


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