Dmitry Rodzin

Dmitry Rodzin


Dmitry Rodzin was born in 1969 in the Southern city of Krasnodar, Russia. When the would-be artist was five, his family moved to Sakhalin island. Dmitry began his artistic training earlier on when he was in Uglegorsk City of Sakhalin, he enrolled to the art school which was headed by his father Mr. Gennady Rodzin.


After five years in Sakhalin their family moved back to Krasnodar. There Dmitry continued his education at an art school and then in the year of 1984 he entered design department of Krasnodar college of arts.


He still remembers well for his college teachers and believes that there under the guidance of Professor V.M. Savranskiy with whom he had achieved basis skills which later helped him to accomplish as an artist. The main focus in the college curriculum was devoted to the technique of watercolour painting. And as early as back in those years Dmitry had already created several good level and beautiful watercolour works.


Sleep (2009)


Windows (Eyes is Mirror of Soul) (2008)


While working half way with his graduation project, Dmitry visited Moscow, and created multiple studies and sketches of the city corners where’s the actual taking place of “The Master and Margarita” till then unfolded. The illustrations were rendered by the artist using copper-plate engraving technique with the bricks understanding the meaning of this novel and magnificent miniature quality of etchings as Rembrandt style.


The complicated structure of the novel needed the requirement of a unique representational approach. The artist had to decide on something substantial that would become the main topic for his illustrations. Though among Dmitry’s works there were generalized images of Voland, the Master and his beloved Margarita, he put the spotlight on the pages describing Jerusalem.


In 1991, Dmitry was admitted to the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow. The choice of the educational institution was crucial since the Academy was teaching the heritage of the classic school of Russian and European painting. Every year students visited Saint-Petersburg for their on-site practical training, where they familiarized themselves with the works of fine arts masters in one of the world's best museums — the State Hermitage. During that period, Dmitry Rodzin was enthusiastically redrawing artworks by Peter Paul Rubens while studying the artistic method of the legendary Flemish painter.


Since their freshmen year Academy students were working on multifigured compositions. And during their junior year the artists-in-training were encharged with a task to cover the evangelical theme of "The Annunciation" — the Appearance of the Angel to Virgin Mary. Dmitry delivered two compositions on the topic. The first that is currently at the Academy’s museum was a conventional representation — the artist depicted Mary and the Angel in accordance with the European Christian iconography. In the second version the Angel is presented as a gush of light.

Later on, Academy students were divided into three workshops — landscape, portrait and history painting. Rodzin chose the most challenging path — history workshop — and during his senior year was working on the studies for his graduation painting also on evangelical theme — "Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple". The narrative of the cleansing of the Temple tells of Jesus.